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Books by D. E. Hendrix


Tales from a far off Place Called Home

If you are looking for a tall tale about a journey to find the one thing that makes us complete, consider Tales from a far off Place Called Home. The novel, set in the 1960's, is about four teenagers on the verge of adulthood in the fictional town of Hickshaw, Georgia. The narrative revolves around the intricacies of growing up in an insulated community while trying to navigate the tricky nuances of relationships and friendships that develop as they move away from home. Each character remains true to the ideals and values that define Hickshaw while battling the issues that confront and dare them to become different people.


The book is an easy read-great for reading on a rainy day or at the beach.  Consider giving it as a thoughtful gift or a stocking-stuffer. The book can be found online at any number of bookstores including Amazon @    

Mollie Edgewater

This is a fanciful tale about a women who discovers she might have missed out on love.  Thing about Mollie Edison is she is a romance writer who creates fantasies for other women only to find herself pulled into one of her own. She creates the dashing Eric who has loved some of the worlds wealthiest (most beautiful) women, some of whom Mollie has created. While it seems the most obvious thing to do (run off to fantasy land), Mollie makes daring moves that surprise herself and the reader. 

This another easy read that can be read  online. To get a copy online, please visit Barnes & Noble,
 Amazon, or Rakuten.
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